Tuesday, December 29, 2009

self reflextion 1

QANAAH, mungkin dah lama hamba terlalai dari memupuk sifat itu dalam diri. Mungkin sejak akhir2 ini hamba hidup dengan permintaan yang banyak sedang seharian mengharung hidup hanya dengan belas ikhsan Tuhan yang memberi terlalu banyak dari apa yang selayaknya hamba peroleh.

EXPECTATION WILL LEAD TO FRUSTRATION. Since i was so young, i always tell myself not to expect much in whatever I do in MY life. It is good to play safe. Harungi sahaja apa yang ada dihadapan. But actually, its okay to put some expectation, for the reason, it will motivate us to work for what we expect, but at the same time, berlapang dada....seperti yang Rasul kekasih kita ajarkan. For the reason, life is not always what you expect but it is all about what God want you to live on, learn on, be grateful on... What a beautiful deen Islam is ....

And for a long time ... also ... i did not have my list of MUHASABAH. Self Reflextion. Which mean, i do not improve my personality since then. Means i do not put an effort to make myself not included in the golongan orang2 yang celaka, yang mana hari ini tiada lebih baik dari semalam. Astaghfrullahal Azim ...so i should initiate something. Maybe can be shared here for those who is reading to take benefit on. Is the sentence okay?

Urm. Need to go to the toilet. Buhbye.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i have an aquarium full of fishes

hi, second post today. rajin tol...
finally, after 1 year becoming full time aquaculture lecturer here, i got a room which means i have enough space to have an aquarium. and since i am now have started my work on A.panchax, in spite of buying expensive ornamental fishes from mingyu, i catch my panchax on my own. (^-^) thanx bioD for developed that skill in this lady.

not yet have the picture to upload, but i really love the sound of dripping water. i bought a submersible filter with water dripper (ada ke?). i like! i am so happy. happy like a fish in soft acidic water. hehe.

the sound really calming and soothing my heart. kan baby?

mencuri itu haram..

i should now, updating and reviewing practical manual AQS 4063 but ... ayaks! so malas. this morning, we went to our hatchery since syafiq complaining that his fishes might be stolen. so we counted every single fishes in every replicates, ouch, i still feel the backpain for doing that. and yup, it was stolen. in a big amount, but littlelittle(^-^) from every cages.

i really dun understand what kind of people is dare to tanggung dosa for stealing a small fish, that might only be sold for 80cent or rm1 per pieces. if we have arowana or kelah and it is dissapear then...no wonderlah. ni haruan.olololo...tak padan nak kena bakar kat neraka nanti.

halalkan? its not my money. it is government life assets. so, mintak la government halalkan. so pity this short shallow minded people. alang2 nak rompak, rompakla rumah pengedar dadah ke, ibu ayam ke...

but, u dun want this thing to stress me out. eh, ade eh ayat gitu? cause, i still hope that i am pregnant. period delay 3 weeks, but hpt negative. but the tokbidan said, just wait. cause my sis, 3 bulan baru bleh detect. but really pray hard, if this little tiny baby is now growing in me, peliharakan ya Rabb ... kalau takde ...takpe, bulan depan ade lagi. =)