Wednesday, December 16, 2009

mencuri itu haram..

i should now, updating and reviewing practical manual AQS 4063 but ... ayaks! so malas. this morning, we went to our hatchery since syafiq complaining that his fishes might be stolen. so we counted every single fishes in every replicates, ouch, i still feel the backpain for doing that. and yup, it was stolen. in a big amount, but littlelittle(^-^) from every cages.

i really dun understand what kind of people is dare to tanggung dosa for stealing a small fish, that might only be sold for 80cent or rm1 per pieces. if we have arowana or kelah and it is dissapear wonderlah. ni haruan.olololo...tak padan nak kena bakar kat neraka nanti.

halalkan? its not my money. it is government life assets. so, mintak la government halalkan. so pity this short shallow minded people. alang2 nak rompak, rompakla rumah pengedar dadah ke, ibu ayam ke...

but, u dun want this thing to stress me out. eh, ade eh ayat gitu? cause, i still hope that i am pregnant. period delay 3 weeks, but hpt negative. but the tokbidan said, just wait. cause my sis, 3 bulan baru bleh detect. but really pray hard, if this little tiny baby is now growing in me, peliharakan ya Rabb ... kalau takde ...takpe, bulan depan ade lagi. =)

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