Wednesday, November 25, 2009

algae for biofuel

i was in KL. still in KL, i shud fly back to kt dis morning but the plan ruined {ops, ruined?? kejamnye!)... the plan bertukar because my hubby want to drive me back. but then, sampai skrg i am still stuck here. I noticed that, lately, i du not really enjoy being away from my house, n my environment[i called it so], for a long time. not more than 3 days.

I was here for Algae Summit 2009. I came here for one reason; to determine if algae is realy my interest. i mean i still figuring out what to do for phd. and to be honest, this is the most interesting and enjoyable conference i had ever attend in my whole career. and therefore, i conclude that i like algae so much. (^-^)

and in this conference i also clarify which part should i jump and [dive] into, considering all the limitation. and most of the limitation are my weaknesses. hehe. i am a dummies in so many science field. and i have to admit that, i am so tak pandai. org yang tak pandai takboleh pergi jauh mane kot

banyak lagi nak tulis tapi malas. nanti lah.

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