Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i was thinking of reconfiguring and make this blog more colourful and cheerful and menarik. but i realize that i dunno how. maybe i will try to browse for ready made template that is beautiful enuff in my eyes.

yesterday, cuti. to clean and clear our new house. next to my mother in law's house. dunno if anything happen in the future(just thinking for the worse)... how to manage. but really pray to God our jodoh kekal ke hujung nyawa. life will not always good but hoping that Allah set this jodoh to happy ending.

herm, that house, well, manusia mmg tak pernah puas, ... little bit small la ... compared to my father's n his father's house. but, ok la , for two of us. besor2 takut plok nanti. plus, Allah know me very well. He said, this girl not yet ready for a big house, she is so lazy! (^0^)

dunno how long will we be living in this house, kdg2 rasa macam nak stay lama, tapi apart of me also said, u shud fly asap. Ada banyak amalan masa anak dara yang aku tinggalkan bila dah kawen, maybe batasan dan alasan. segalanya yang malas n ...err...alasanlah. that make my life ... sedikit kekurangan ...ada sedikit kosong. solat hajat n istikaharah. mybe thats why i sort of dunno where, when, how to lead my future... yeah, there are 10-50% of interference of that from the fact that i am not lead it with my own way because i get married. i have to replan, reconfiguring, reconsidering everything so that we can walk together .... but ... still the kelalaian is solat2 tu have the effects also .... since i already realize it now, i shud make some changes tonight insyaAllah ... berazam, berazam.

ok, its time to work. semoga ikhlas seadanya shida bekerja hari ini.

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