Thursday, October 1, 2009

shawl started

bismilillahrrahmanirrahim ....

Dis morning, my mood to start editing my paper for journal not yet come. so, just write anything here to make my head start thingking and working. at least my brain need to mork out on suitable words to put in together to make readers feel good reading this contengan.

ShaWL ...
hehe, a slice, eh, slice? a piece of rectangular cloth that used to covered our aurat ---shidakepedia.

Cant believe i start wearing them last nite, and guess wat. i think i will keep wearing it since i feel so comfortable with it. Serious. But, this morning it takes me about ten minutes to wear it, and rewear it. hehe. well. the consequences/ as a result/ thus/ therefore/consequently ....( i'm learning english for IELTS) make my husband pissed off of waiting in the car. And..for the 1st time, he used the horn on me. hahah... buat selamba je la. kalau tak gaduh pulak. Hehe, its my fault then, takpelah.

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