Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so natural

so natural. huhu.Subhanallah. maybe we can say that was son natural. but we also can classify the things as HOW A MARRIAGE BRING MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON. erm,in my case. i keep wondering, is this me?

Wake up early in the morning, and preparing breakfast on working day!
But yeah, i really enjoy doing it naturally. and feel not that good if i can do that since i have the unwritten obligation to make my man feel good to be home and enjoy the moment of having a wife besides... hehe.

and all those managing the house things. herm, dulu punyelah malas. now still..but mengurang sikit2. hehe. lucky to have him. so rajin, at least when i am so malas.

now, something new keep growing in me. o eah.... after a while, i knew i really like and wanting baby.hiyarggggggghhhhhhh... the feeling i did not have at the early stage of our marriage. maybe because Yusuf (my new niece) is so adorable. so small. so clean. so fresh. so.... and so so.

hope that feeling will suburkan myself to. mybe God let this feeling grow for something He already set up for me another year. hehe. Hoping and keep hoping.

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