Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Siasatan tentang Keju

Sangat Sedap.
Sangat lazat.
Dah sebulan lebih berada di bumi Jepun yang damai. Terasa pulak tekak ni nak makan pizza bertoppingkan keju. Yummy.
I went to the supermarket nearby and "farby". Trying so hard to read the ingredient(of course written in Nihonggo). In the ingredient of Meiji Tokachi Camembert : only two material which is 生乳、食塩 (milk and salt). 

Really? If you add salt into milk, it will not simply transformed to cheese. The process of cheese making is far lot more complicated than adding salt into the milk. So, I am so curious. As far as I know, to make cheese, the milk need to be curded. And that process will involve coagulating enzyme. Which called RENNET. Traditionally, rennet is obtained from the fourth stomach(aboemasum) = (sila ingat kembali sains tingkatan 4) of calf. So, the calf need to be killed or slaughtered before their stomach being dried and from that piece of stomach they will put it in the milk to obtain rennet or rennin. By nowadays, rennet also can be obtained from several type of plants and microbes. 
For information on rennet and the production of cheese please read here. Rennet and Production of Cheese.

Rennet is an issue in Malaysia when people start to concern about the halal status of what they eat. In Malaysia, it is easy because we have JAKIM, so, to buy cheese, just look at the label, if JAKIM certified them with halal, so we believe JAKIM already investigate the content for ALL MUSLIMS in MALAYSIA. But here in Japan, we cannot rely on anybody but ourself to determine what we can eat what we cannot eat.

So I decided to write to the company, two company which are. MEIJI DAIRIES and SNOWBRAND. 
Which on the labels of their natural cheese product only two ingredients being listed. 
I ask them what type of rennet being used in their cheese products, and ask for suggestion for non-rennet cheese. This is the reply.

To:   5 Nov 2010

Dear Norshida

Thank you for e-mail. And thanks for your kindly interest to our Products.

For our cheese, we use two types rennet, Natural calf rennet and microbial rennet.

Natural calf rennet are used mainly for natural cheese,for example Camembert cheese.
And microbial one for base cheese of
 processed cheese. But processed cheese are blended of many kind of cheese. So unfortunately, we cannot devide our cheese from two types rennet exactly.

Sorry, we cannot answer your request correctly. Thank you again for your interest in our products.

Yours sincerely

Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd.
Customer center
Jawapan dari Meiji Dairies.
Inquiry about rennet.
明治乳業 お客様相談センター 
To:    8 November 2010
Ismail Norshida 様

Thank you for your inquiry about our products. We use Calf
 Rennet for making all cheese.

Due to our e-mail system reasons, we are not able to receive your reply to this mail. If you have any further questions, please access the following page again.
shinsunaKoto-ku, Tokyo 136-8908
 Meiji Dairies Corporation 
 Consumer Relations Section


I want pizza with cheese,but it seems that, I have to make pizza with mayonaise. 
But I hope this information will be useful for muslims in Japan. 
Erm, I also know some muslims said that we can eat rennet because the it is not alive thing/creature. Read this: Pendapat Shaykh Ilyas Patel. But for me, the rennet/enzyme is apart of the body of the calf. To eat the calf, the calf need to be slaughtered according to syara'. So, the same goes if we want to eat or use only small part of the calf, or if we want to use extracted liquid from the calf's stomach,  the calf still need to be slaughtered according to syara'. Calf that is not slaughtered according to syarak, we call it (bangkai anak lembu), so..... think about it. It is that simple. 

Otherwise, Vegetarian and Jewish who believe in Kosher also forbidden the use of rennet in their cheese. 

When we think deeply, Islam and Halal is leading us to holistic style of life. Take only good thing and leave the bad one. That is simple. 

Bakpe saya menulis dalam Eigo? ehehe. simply because muslim in Japan is not only Malay. I know my english is not good. But still boleh faham kan?

May Allah bless us with His Kindness and Forgiveness.


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