Saturday, December 11, 2010

kembalikan kerajinan

Last week, from 4 to 9th December,2010. We went to Seoul.
For...sort of family vacation.

I should present my master thesis yesterdar, but Sensei postponed the seminar to this coming Friday because I told him that I will only fly back to Japan on Thursday.
I do not know if he feel not good about the situation, but it is good for me. Since, haihhhh,...vacation and working for the presentation...whoaaa...not good together.
Yes, I do have time to do my work at night, but, urghh,..... susah maaa....manyak malas...
Now, dah balik sini pom, still ada sisa2 kemalasan.
So, this is the last day for malas2. Tulis2 blog sket.
Upload gambor.
Esok, beli barang, and prepare barang untuk bekerja seminggu tanpa henti.
Target this week.
At least: 5 fish per day!
And prepare a good presentation for this coming seminar. Sensei will count on you, Shida!
Then, also need to study, molecular terms and try to understand Rose's paper. So nanti bila Sensei tanya pasal molecular, dah ada increment in knowledge and understanding.
Sensei said: Shida, this is basic of basic. Work harder.Read more.


From Malaysia to Korea, Korea to Japan. Mok brought a luggage, full of Biodex's food supplement.
I do not know of this is the right time, tapi, bila lagi ...?
Herm, I decide to give a try. Menyedari lagi 43 hari is our 2nd wedding anniversary. Lagi 43 hari sahaja.

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Wah... time flies so fast lately.
Work harder and harder Norshida!