Monday, February 14, 2011

CheeseCake Cadore

Dan InsyaAllah halal.
Its a plain cream cheese cake.
Cost me 750yen for 5 petite cakes in yellow box.
Its from Uenohara Farm Cadore. Fukutomicho area. 
I briefly asked the chef the ingredients.
They used fresh butter from their farm, no lard and emulsifier. 
They use two types of cheese, camembert cheese and cream cheese.
So, since I do not really want to take rennet in my diet.
I chose cream cheese cake. 
And, alhamdulillah, its really2 yummy!
Also bought Custard Cream Puff but tak sempat nak snap dah hilang!
Also melahap 1 bottle of fresh milk and 2 scoops of fresh Gelato@Soft Ice Cream.
Burp!!!! Very full!

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