Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flowers Are Red??

Today is my last day for IELTS preparation. 
But, like always, when it is time to study means it is also time that I really want to hear song la, play game la [Virtual Villages 4 : baru dapat 2 hari lepas tapi tinggal satu je lagi puzzle to solve] and all those things that a "lagho" student will do. (^-^). 

Di pencarian ini, I found this cutey song. Already cut-cut for my hp ringtone! 
Enjoy it. 
Dedicated to all friends and their babies!!!!
Pray that God will send me one one day. =)

by Harry Chapin

The version I like most:
by Zain Bikha

Bougenvilla from my Canon collection ....

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