Friday, May 6, 2011

Congratulation Norshida.
We have good news today.
Our grant have been approved today.
3 million for 3 years.
It is your project.
I have contacted Prof.Suzuki, Tokyo University discussing when will you need to go there.
I am so happy.

-Ohstuka, May 06, 2011.


Heh, me?
Protein study?
At least 6 months?

I was making this face ....

And said:

"Owh, Congratulation Sensei, this is a great news!!"

But the true face was and is....

Everyone, please wish me all the best.
I know Allah plan the best for me.
And I believe He will ease me after the hardship.
I just hope I will get through this with flying colors.

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