Friday, January 1, 2010

Self Reflection 2

it is 1st day of 2010. Its raining, cooling the usually hot day. i end the year 2009 with a great day, i have a gotong royong with my students to prepare the hatchery for our mini project and classes. and in the evening i climbed Bukit Besar with kak Asmad. We tall about so many things. But there is one big thing that really make me .... aiyah : TERKILAN.

Semalam, i was okay but i dun think that i am that okay because i keep thinking about it till this morning. I hope God will forgive me to feel this way. I do think a lot, last night, even in my dream! Yang pasti, i try as much as i could to tell my little heart which is so fragile that ... urusan rezeki itu benar2 urusan Tuhan... dan jangan sesekali terkilan dengan rezeki yang bukan diberi pada kita. i believe there must be a good reason for all these things.

If i am a pengarah for a theather, i will give a role, to someone who is capable to play the role well. In this case...yeah, i am begging my Allah for some role and yet He said, nop shida, not yet... improve yourself.

So things i need to improve this newly budding year ....
1. Quality of my Solat
2. Quality of work
3. Communication with fellow friends
4. Communication with higher level person
5. Involvement in non-academic matters
5. My research ....

And i got a good news too, YUYU was ke is? getting married this morning. A wonderful date for their next anniversary : 1/1/2011. A year after me, but she really made it. During schooldays, we plan our life in a piece of paper. Marriage: 25 years old. And there, we both made it. Alhamdulillah. For me, marriage... is a great gift. There you go shida ... when you start thinking of good things in your life all the "blue moon" will be just ... a small dot in your wonderful life, maybe the dot was there to make you realize that you are really a normal person which have a good life.

Hubby is sleeping, and i think i should start mengemas rumah. Till then... hargai kehidupan.

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